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In the world of an eight-year old little girl, everything is new. When questions abound, answers are scarce. "Go ask your mother or father", or "Ask your teacher". When children want answers, they will find them. This is why The Little Bonnie series was created. Each book takes a normal question from a child and helps the child understand the answer from a Biblical perspective. From dealing with cancer to the death of a loved one, Little Bonnie will take you on a journey of learning and understanding while preparing your child for bed. Each story is a dialogue between Little Bonnie and Monty (the moon). This bedtime story series will not only help answer questions for children, but help them to go to sleep at night satisfied that they are learning. There are over 100 of these soon to be classics in the works and will be a favorite for a lifetime to come. Little Bonnie Meets Monty is the first in the series and as the sub-title reads, The Journey Begins!

Little Bonnie starts to notice that her best friend, Martha, is absent from school a lot and not answering the phone. When she goes to see her, her hair is falling out and everyone ignores her questions. Martha shares that she is sick and has "cancer". She wasn't quite sure what that is, but she knows she feels bad. Little Bonnie knows she must ask her new friend, Monty. Monty shares a perspective on cancer which is Biblically based and allows kids to understand a little more of what to do or expect.

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Little Bonnie was created by Chuck Schermerhorn.  With a world full of questions for every child, he surmised that the Little Bonnie series of books could answer them.    While Chuck has written many books before this series, only one has been published; "Gabe's Place".  

With the help of Gatekeeper Press Publishing, Chuck teamed with Angelina Valieva to illustrate the series.  The entire production is a group effort.  So, who is Little Bonnie and her friends?

Little Bonnie is an 8-year-old little girl with lots of questions.    She befriends the moon and they embark on adventures in learning.  She is the inspiration for kids around the world to be bold and ask questions.

Monty is Little Bonnie's friend and teacher.  We know him as the moon but when we learn more about him, we see he has a name too.  Monty is very good at answering questions because he has been around since the beginning.

Martha is Little Bonnie's best friend.  She is 8 years old as well.  Martha has childhood cancer and is an encouragement to all who have this terrible disease.  She is a strong and courageous young girl and trusts God for her well being!

Charlie Bear is Little Bonnie's closest companion.  He was a birthday present to Little Bonnie when she turned two.  He has always been there for Little Bonnie.  He loves to tease Freddie B. Hound.

Freddie B. Hound is Little Bonnie's dog.  He was brought home the day Little Bonnie was born.  He has always been there for Little Bonnie.  He sleeps in her room and loves to bark at Monty! (and Hayden)

Hayden is Martha's cat.  He has been with Martha for about 2 years.  Martha loves Hayden and he has helped her keep her mind off of the challenge of cancer.  He loves to tease Freddie B. Hound and does it often!

Little Billy is Little Bonnie's baby brother.  He is just over a year old and is always a joy to be around.  Little Bonnie loves to take care of him and laughs when he makes funny noises.  Freddie B. just barks at the noises!

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Little Bonnie Books Volume I


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