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Exodus Made Simple

The second in our series of the 66 books of the Bible is centered in the book of Exodus. This book is the beginning of a great nation.

As in all of these articles on the books of the Bible, I will be using the method I learned in school. I will give you the who, what, where, when, why, and how of each book. Also remember that there are plenty of controversies in all of the Bible. Stay focused on what God would have for you and let the controversies dissipate with the learning from the Holy Spirit.

Who - Who wrote Exodus? The book of Exodus was written by Moses. As the first five books of the Bible are made simple, remember that all five were written by Moses. The Jewish word for these together is "Pentateuch". It is generally accepted that Moses wrote these books at Mt. Sinai about 1,688 b.c. Moses was the law giver and the leader during the exodus from Egypt.

What - What happens in the book of Exodus? The first chapter begins the motivation to leave Egypt. Like in our lives, sometimes God needs to give us "motivation" to bring us to where He wants us. Chapters two through seven surround the calling of Moses to free God's people. Chapters eight through twelve are the plagues that God put on Egypt to move Pharaoh to release His people. Chapters thirteen and fourteen show the change of Pharaoh's heart and his ultimate demise for opposing God and His people. Chapters fifteen through forty are a journey of ups and downs in the lives of about 3 million people led by one man under the guidance of God Himself. From the commandments of God to the basic necessities of life, God provides everything for about 3 million people in the middle of nowhere.

Where - Where did all of this take place? The book of Exodus starts geographically in Egypt, tracks through the Red Sea, through the Sinai peninsula, and ending up in the Wilderness of Zin. It would have been easier to track it up on Google Earth, would it not?

When - When did all of the events in this book take place? If Moses wrote these books around 1,688 b.c., then it would have had to have been a few years before. While no one alive today can know for sure, it ranges from 1,700 b.c. to 1,200 b.c. In historical thinking. One thing we do know for sure, Moses wrote it.

Why - Why is this book significant? This book not only outlines the escape from Egypt and the giving of the ten commandments, but it establishes the "Passover". This event is a portrayal, in advance, of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and what it means to salvation. Passover, although not celebrated by Christians on its surface, is celebrated when we celebrate His resurrection; Easter.

How - How should I read Exodus? When reading any portions of the Bible, remember that you should pray before reading so you will be led to the truth God has for you that day.

My suggestions are as follows:

- Chapter 1

- Chapters 2-7

- Chapters 8-12

- Chapters 13-14

- Chapter 15

- Chapters 16-19

- Chapter 20

- Chapters 21-23

- Chapters 24-27

- Chapters 28-31

- Chapter 32

- Chapters 33-35

- Chapters 36-40

Remember to not be in a hurry. These are categories and do not need to be read all at once. Take your time and meditate on what is being said to you in each verse.

The book of Exodus is God speaking to His people; plain and simple. In order to fully understand who God is, it is necessary for Him to communicate to us. This book shows how the process relates to us and what our responsibilities are. Do not be afraid to use a "concordance" to look up difficult words. I suggest although there are many good ones that are free to use.

Interesting facts about Exodus -

- It is the second book of the Bible

- It has 40 chapters

- It has 1,213 verses

- It has 32,692 words

- It has 1,089 verses of history

- It has 58 questions

- It has 129 verses of fulfilled prophecy

- It has 2 verses of unfulfilled prophecy

- It has 73 separate messages from God

- About 300 years separate Genesis from Exodus

- Seventy people entered Egypt and about 3 million left (All one family)

- It took one night to get Israel out of Egypt. It took forty years to get Egypt our of Israel

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