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Route 66

When approaching the Bible, the simplest way to understand it is to place Jesus Christ in the middle of any of the 66 books you are reading.  Each book is individually wrapped to help us better understand God, who came in the person of Jesus Christ.  The following is a little bit of fun to help you see Jesus in every book of the Bible.

I Saw Jesus On Route 66

In Genesis, He creates all things, 

From the world to Abraham. 

In Exodus, He’s our Great Escape, 

And to Moses, the Great I Am, 


In Leviticus, He is Supreme, 

our powerful High Priest. 

In Numbers, He’s the children’s Manna, 

A not so welcomed feast. 


In Deuteronomy, He speaks 

For Moses and for all. 

In Joshua, He’s the Warrior 

That tears down Jericho’s wall. 


In Judges, He’s Deliverer 

From the unjust and the schemer. 

In Ruth, He is the waiting Groom, 

Both Kinsman and Redeemer. 


In the Samuel books, both one and two, 

He’s Prophet, King, and Priest. 

Followed by the Books of Kings, 

Where He is our greatest Feast. 


In First and Second Chronicles, 

He reigns eternally. 

In Ezra, He’s our Wall Builder, 

Our protector faithfully. 


In Nehemiah, He restores 

Everything that has been lost. 

In Esther, He protects the queen, 

At any and all costs. 


In Job, He is the Great Healer, 

The Mediator between man and God. 

In Psalms, He is the Victory Song, 

The King, the Iron Rod.  


In Proverbs, He is wisdom’s Word, 

The Path of Righteousness. 

In Ecclesiastes, He’s life, 

Complete and nothing less. 


In Song of Solomon, He loves, 

He’s Faithful and He’s True. 

In Isaiah, He is Prince of Peace, 

Messiah through and through. 


In Jeremiah, He’s the one that weeps, 

The Prophet who really cares. 

In Lamentations, He sheds our tears, 

Our wrath from God He bears. 


In Ezekiel, He is the Son of Man, 

The Call to turn from sin. 

In Daniel, He’s in the fiery pit, 

And in the lion’s den. 


In Hosea, He is Forever Ours, 

Honest and devoted. 

In Joel, He’s the Trumpet’s Blast, 

And the Spirit that’s promoted. 


In Obadiah, He’s our Judge, 

Our Savior, and our Lord. 

In Jonah, He’s the Mission Field, 

Who cannot be ignored. 


In Micah, He forgets our sins, 

He is the Promise of Peace. 

In Nahum, He’s our Shield and Strength, 

Whose power will never cease. 


In Habakkuk, He’s the One who helps 

The just to live by faith. 

In Zephaniah, a Warrior 

For revival, thus He saith.  


In Haggai, He restores our faith, 

Our worship and our song. 

In Zechariah, He’s pierced for us 

And for everything that’s wrong.  


In Malachi, He’s Righteousness, 

The One and only Son. 

In Matthew, He’s Messiah; 

The High and Lofty One. 


In Mark, He has a servant’s heart  

With actions for us all. 

In Luke, He is the Son of Man, 

Who will catch us when we fall. 


In John, He is the Son of God, 

The mystic Son of Grace. 

In Acts, He is the Falling Fire, 

The Spirit for our race. 


In Romans, He’s Salvation’s Way, 

The Road that leads to God. 

In Corinthians Love’s Greatest Power, 

And Revealer of the fraud. 


In Galatians, He’s our very life, 

And Freedom from all sin. 

In Ephesians, He’s our unity, 

And shows us how to win. 


In Philippians, He is our joy, 

In Him we can do all. 

In Colossians, He is Trinity, 

The Godhead all in all. 


In Thessalonians, He’s our coming King, 

And deliverer from God’s wrath. 

In Timothy, He’s our Blessed Leader, 

Our Pastor, and our Path.  


In Titus, He’s our Foundation, 

Our basis for the truth. 

In Philemon, He’s Mediator, 

And Defender from our youth. 


In Hebrews, He’s our Covenant, 

The faith of all who’ve come. 

In James, He is the Healing Power, 

And lifter of the glum. 


In Peter, He’s the One who guards, 

The Shepherd of the flock. 

In the books of John, He loves us all, 

And the direction of our walk. 


In Jude, He is our Warning Bell, 

The Message to the hoards. 

In Revelation, He’s the King, 

And Blessed Lord of Lords. 



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