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About Tent 39 Ministries

In The Footsteps Of The Original Rebel

The Tent 39 Ministries mission statement is:

"Helping to educate the world about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible."

While this mission statement may seem simple, educating or being educated about those things is the most exciting adventure upon which one can travel.  The greatest adventure in life is answering those two great philosophical questions:

1.  Who am I?

2.  Why am I here?

Tent 39 Ministries is a unique blend of minds that gives Biblically-based viewpoints and thought-provoking subject matter its fair shake.  Our founder has been studying the Bible for over 40 years. ​

Why set up a website with information that could be misconstrued?  Easy.  There will always be misinformation; especially about the Bible.  Tent 39 Ministries is here to help the visitor understand the Bible and its author, God.  The most outdated and misused argument against the Bible is, "you can't prove it is true" or "You can't prove God exists".  Realistically we can.  That challenge is a simple one.  However, when asked these questions, the asker isn't looking for an answer that makes sense, they are looking to be comforted in their decisions.  Unfortunately, Tent 39 Ministries was not created for comfort; although it brings comfort to many.  Tent 39 Ministries was created to profess the gospel of Jesus Christ and further His glorious kingdom.

Don't believe?  No problem.  Neither did any of the writers here before having an encounter with Jesus Christ.  Everyone walking the face of this earth will have an encounter with Jesus Christ at some point.  When they do, decisions will have to be made.  We want to help the visitor to this site, make the right decisions.

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