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Are You An Angry Preacher?

While at Fruitland Baptist Bible College over the last two years, I have given one major piece of advice to those about to go into the "P.I.T." (preachers in training). This is where the student preaches a 12-minute sermon in front of their peers and is graded by the president of the school and the professor of the class. The student is normally very nervous and it may be the first time they have spoken in front of an audience of any size. "Chuck, do you have any advice?", they ask. My advice to them is the same as I offer now to you.

When speaking to an audience (from one to a million in number), have a conversation; don't preach. The world doesn't want to be preached at. You make a much bigger impression when you have a conversation. Like in the P.I.T., you know the information. You know about Jesus and what He teaches. Why preach at someone? Think about the best conversations you have had with people. Did you really stand there and "preach" at them or was it a dialogue? The church is busy telling the world that they are sinners. This just in, "They already know that". This is why they live the way they do.

We follow along in their footsteps most of the time instead of in Jesus' footsteps anyway. Only arrogance keeps us from seeing it. When you speak to someone about the love of Christ, shouldn't you represent that love while doing it? Having a conversation is what everyone wants. Stop preaching to the world. The only difference between the saved and the unsaved is the blood of Christ has washed our sins away; DAILY! We have just as many sins as the unsaved.

Share with someone how Jesus changed your life and why you believe the way you do. If they do not accept the premise or the idea, don't take it personally. It wasn't you hanging on a cross in public. Our best illustration comes in a courtroom. In a courtroom the judge referees the matter, the attorney defends the guilty, the bailiff keeps order, the prosecutor brings the case against the guilty, and the jury decides the case. What does the witness do? All the witness does is tell what they have seen. Stop being the judge, attorney, bailiff, prosecutor, and jury. Be a witness and let the Holy Spirit do His job. Stop preaching at people and start having a conversation. You may be surprised at the outcome.

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