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Jesus Had A Drink With A Woman III

What is truth? Pilate asked this when confronted by "Truth" Himself. Sometimes truth comes and we miss it. As for the woman at the well, well, she confronted "Truth" and her life was changed.

In our last part of this series, Jesus offered her "living water". We learned that she may have addressed her physical need of thirst, but she also tried to address her emotional need of hiding.

Because Jesus is who He is, He would never embarrass someone. I believe that when He spoke to her the next phrase, He leaned in and just above a whisper said, "Go, call thy husband, and come hither". Her response? This took her mentally and emotionally right back into hiding. I believe she lowered her head and went back to work while saying, "I have no husband". You see, she thought He was there for her. She thought He was going to help. She thought He had the answer. He did.

In her culture, the man was supreme and in charge. She may have thought that Jesus was going to get this water and she had to have her "husband" there to get it. She didn't have a husband, at least not now she doesn't. In her mind, perhaps the idea of not having to hide again was just a fleeting thought. What she did not know was she was about to gain a freedom that would changer her life; TRUTH!

Jesus commends her on her honesty. He then proceeds to tell her things that only a local would know, if they knew the details like He gives them. "Thou has well said, I have no husband: for thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly."

Bam! Boom goes the dynamite! When someone is hiding and they are found, they either fight or run. The fight may not be a physical one, as is the case here. It may be a religious justification fight. The objective is to get the argument off of their faults and put them onto a more level playing field. How do I know? Because I have done it. So have you.

I know someone just like this. We all know someone just like this. We may be just like this. Before we get our our pious attire, remember that just because you were not caught, does not mean you were not guilty. Some of the greatest pretending goes on the church today. Why pretend? So we do not have to hide. No matter your impression of a woman who has had multiple marriages with multiple failures, you are just as in need of a Savior.

Put away the religious justification and simply submit to Jesus. Your life and all those around you will be a lot better. There is a scripture reference that is constantly used and I believe is grossly underestimated. Proverbs 27:17 says, "Iron sharpens iron..." This is used to show how we are to help each other. Have you ever actually seen how "iron sharpens iron"? It is a very violent act. Pieces of metal scatter, sparks fly, and the noise is deafening in some cases. However, in the end, what a beautiful blade or whatever is left standing.

It will be painful and uncomfortable for anyone, but sharpening is necessary. Do it with love. If you notice what Jesus did NOT ask her was how she got in that position. Why did she have so many husbands? What is she living with someone now? HE DOESN'T CARE!!! Neither should you. Stop worrying about how someone got into a bad position and just help them out of it. How? By introducing them to Jesus; He will do the rest.

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